Zijn naam was Austerlitz/Austerlitz was his name


Curated by: Sam Steverlynck

Venue: A Tale of A Tub
Justus van Effenstraat 44, 3027 TK Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Opening Times: Thursday to Sunday 13:00–18:00

Tlön Projects is thrilled to announce the appointment of Sam Steverlynck as the next curator for their yearly collaboration with A Tale of A Tub in Rotterdam. Steverlynck will curate a group show with works from the imaginary collection of Tlön Projects, taking W.G. Sebald’s novel Austerlitz as a starting point and dealing with themes like the impossibility of communication, the working of memory, unresolved (family) trauma and the use of photography and film for (re)creating or evoking memories. The exhibition is titled Zijn naam was Austerlitz /Austerlitz was his name and will run from February 9 until April 3, 2022.

Sam Steverlynck (1979) is a Brussels-based art critic and curator. He is currently curator for the 2nd year candidate laureates at HISK, Belgium. Together with the artist Dome Wood, he founded The Agprognostic Temple, a nomadic art space/Gesamtkunstwerk in Brussels, showing art dealing with spirituality in the broad sense of the term. For the Temple, Steverlynck curated two group shows (Scripted Truths with Ricardo Brey, Fia Cielen, Benjamin Husson, Felix Kindermann, Philippe Koeune, Shana Moulton, Isabel Tesfazghi, Lou Touchard, Filip Vervaet, 2020; Mirrored Infinities: Serene Blumenthal, James Lee Byars, Laurie Charles, Eric Croes, Sanam Khatibi, Joris Van de Moortel, Julien Saudubray, Oraura, Antoine Waterkeyn, McCloud Zicmuse, 2021) and two solo shows (The Warning by Nicolas Provost, 2020; Primordial Earth, The Beginnings by Léonard Pongo, 2021).

In 2018, he co-curated the exhibition One Thing Plus Another Thing or One Thing Minus Another Thing. That’s How Stories begin. with Chris Bestebreurtje and Petra Kuipers for Tlön Projects in The Hague with work by Helena Almeida, Katinka Bock, Pavel Büchler, Heman Chong, Julien Crépieux, Angela Detanico & Rafael Lain, Jason Dodge, Omer Fast, Laëtitia Badaut Haussmann, Christopher Knowles, Dominique Petitgand, Amalia Pica, Jimmy Robert, Yann Sérandour and Ian Whittlesea.

In 2014, he curated the group exhibition A Simple Plan in a private villa in Kruiskerke, Belgium, designed by the architect Stéphane Beel with work by architecten de vylder vinck tailleu, Greet Billiet, Pierre Bismuth, DD Trans, René Heyvaert, Istvan Ist Huzjan, Honoré d’0, Gert Robijns and Willy De Sauter.

In 2015, he initiated a residency programme in the iconic 1958 villa by René Heyvaert in Destelbergen, Ghent, Belgium. Amongst the residents, architecten de vylder, vinck, taillieu, Patrick Van Caeckenbergh, DD Trans, Filip Dujardin, Peter Swinnen, ...