Daniel Gustav Cramer


Letterpress on Hahnemühle paper
C-print on Fuji Archival Paper
Linen covered box with embossing
55,5 x 39,3 cm
Edition 9 + 3 ap
Eu 3.200 (excluding VAT)

Daniel Gustav Cramer’s body of work can be looked at as an ongoing investigation into storytelling, a diary that unites seemingly personal notes with events in human history, scientific research with coincidences in daily life. His use of visual image, technique and material give form to these tales, becoming sculptural entities in time, and scenographies in the viewer’s mind. Each narrative, however simple, appears layered, carrying several meanings and questions at once.

Dolphin (2023) consists of two elements: a photographic image of calmly moving waves at sea, and a paper with a text embossed into it: I just saw a dolphin. The dolphin is out of sight, the shot was taken too late. However, something, the location of the brief encounter, is documented: two beings living in separate realms, the fluid water’s surface marking their divide. The human body in need of water, and the dolphin’s lungs in need of air. Cramer has placed these two elements into a slender box, reminiscent of a book made of two single pages, preserving the memory of the rendez-vous at sea.