Dominique Petitgand

Light voices / Les voix blanches (map)

Professional latex ink printing on AquaPaper non-woven wallpaper
Plus digital file for reprint
English or French version
155 x 220 cm
Edition 20 + 2 AP
Eu 1.200 (excluding VAT and shipping)

Words constitute the basis of Dominique Petitgand’s works: series of words and excerpts from his recordings of people. These fragments are interrupted, isolated, repeated and associated with other sounds and musical extracts. Petitgand presents these auditory works as sound installations, a mise en scène enacted by loudspeakers situated in one or more rooms. They create a micro-universe, that borders reality as a dream-like fiction and devoid of both context and temporality.

After every audio edit, the words spoken are written out. This transcription makes the text visible and formal, and can take a variety of guises. For instance, they can be published in the artist’s catalogues. Light voices / Les voix blanches (map) was printed on thin paper and is affixed directly to the wall. The words on this extensive map are not linear or vertical, but can be read spatially, panoramically and geographically. The map enables you to always take new routes, discover sonic elements, make stories and see poetry.