Ian Whittlesea

Ery Nzaramba demonstrating twelve Finger Exercises from the Egyptian Postures

Silver gelatin print
10 x 15 cm
Plus digital file for a poster
Edition of 5 plus 2 AP
Eu 900 each (excluding VAT and shipping)

Ian Whittlesea
Born in 1967, Isleworth, United Kingdom
Lives and works in London, United Kingdom

Ian Whittlesea’s work has consistently been concerned with the intersection of language and space, using the lives, words and works of other artists as its source. He has been described as an artist of fascinatingly rigorous refinement and his work as a paradigm of concision and single-mindedness.

The Finger Exercises are part of the Egyptian Postures, the most advanced Mazdaznan exercises described by Dr. Otoman Zar- Adusht Ha'nish and taught to the first generation of Bauhaus students by Johannes Itten. The Finger Exercises are always illustrated in Mazdaznan publications unaccompanied by any explanatory text or instructions. Ha'nish claimed that the exercises he taught descended directly from the Pharaohs, and that they stirred the blood and rechanneled internal energy in ways that contributed to the perpetual evolution of humanity. The exercises were also said to result in auto-illumination, the participants body generating light from within that would be visible to any onlooker.

The series of photographs that make up Ery Nzaramba demonstrating twelve Finger Exercises from the Egyptian Postures have been shown in several contexts, often as posters flyposted in the public realm. Like Ha'nish's original illustrations they appear unmediated, with no accompanying explanation or attempt to contextualise them.