gerlach en koop

No two things can be the same

Disposed bin
34 x 34 x 38,5 cm
Edition of 3 plus 1 AP
Price on request

gerlach en koop
Founded in 2000
Live and work in The Hague, the Netherlands and Brussels, Belgium

The elusive sculptural and conceptual work of gerlach en koop involves modifying, displacing or copying ordinary objects with subtle, almost invisible gestures. This approach begins with their name (always in lowercase): the moniker actually denotes two Dutch artists who prefer to be called a ‘collective artist’ rather than an ‘artist duo’ in order to distance themselves from their individual identities.

The description following the title of the work speaks of a dustbin in singular. Only the top one can be the one disposed of, which makes the unmentioned dustbin a plinth supporting the other. But how can one speak of a disposed dustbin when there isn’t also one to thrown it away in? You need at least two. They are inseparable. Supporter and supported are one. And why is the bin being discarded? What is wrong with it? And why not the other? It’s exactly the same! Yes, they are the same, but not in every aspect. They don’t take up the same space to begin with. Almost the same, but not completely.

Perception is slowed down. Thinking is slowed down. One could even classify it as a pietà. A very classical subject for a sculpture. One member of the same family supporting the other who’s days are numbered.