Nicolás Lamas

Plato's Cave

Inkjet print on Mat Cotton paper
44 x 66 cm
Edition of 9
Eu 830 (excluding VAT and shipping)

Nicolás Lamas
Born in 1980, Lima, Peru
Lives and works in Ghent, Belgium

Nicolás Lamas practice is fed by a reflection on space, time, culture and science. Researching several scientific fields, as astronomy and physics, Lamas formalises his interrogations by divers media, playing with codes of ‘showing’, by confronting objects that seem opposite at first, as to let meaning and drama emerge.

Nicolás Lamas’ work constantly revolves around the interaction between things, where they coexist and create other kind of associations, exchanges and potential combinations without established rules. His artstic research can be seen as a series of speculative exercises where everything is part of a cyclical process of transmission of information and energy. It is important to think of Lamas’ practice as the result of a production process in constant flux; where intuition, chance, play and physics determine his connection with objects and images within specific contexts. Through different methodologies of research and production, several ideas take specific states and forms in each project. This generates a heterogeneous and changing body of work with multiple layers of reference and meaning. A system where things create complexity in other logics and everything fluctuates between order and chaos.