Ian Whittlesea

Marie Cool Fabio Balducci

Jason Dodge

Curated by: Petra Kuipers and Chris Bestebreurtje

Venue: rongwrong
Binnen Bantammerstraat 2, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Opening Times: Friday to Sunday 12:00–17:00

Ian Whittlesea, A Breathing Bulb, 2014

In 1959, American artist Mark Rothko made a trip to England. During his sojourn, he spent several days in Cornwall. Rothko visited the exhibition of the Newlyn Society of Artists and met a number of artists, including Bryan and Monica Wynter, Michael Canney, Patrick and Delia Heron and Alan Davie.

In 1996, the Tate St Ives made an exhibition about Rothko in Cornwall. A booklet with a text by Chris Stephens was published to accompany that exhibition. Hereon is an interesting anecdote about Rothko going to look at the disused Methodist chapel outside Lelant, with the idea of buying it as a space to display his paintings - it goes on to quote Rothko as saying: “It would be good if little places could be set up all over the country, like a little country chapel, where the traveller or wanderer, could come for an hour to meditate on a single painting..."

This anecdote was passed on by British artist Ian Whittlesea. Rothko's idea of small venues in different places where visitors could spend time with a single work of art never left us. It forms the impetus for the Occasionals series that will be realised annually in collaboration with temporary partners.

For the first series of Occasionals, Tlön Projects is collaborating with rongwrong in Amsterdam, a space for art and theory. In dialogue with Arnisa Zeqo, one of the founders of rongwrong, works by three post-conceptual artists will be presented solo in their exhibition space. Consecutively, A Breathing Bulb (2014) by Ian Whittlesea, Untitled, scotch tape, water, desk (2014) by Marie Cool Fabio Balducci and They lifted me in the sun again and packed my skull with cinnamon (2020) by Jason Dodge will each be on view for a month.